Consent of Participation Form

In consideration for the above participant’s participation in programs of G.O.L.F. 3:16 , I release, discharge, hold harmless and covenant not to sue G.O.L.F. 3:16 and its sponsors, promoters, staff and all other persons or entities associated with the G.O.L.F. 3:16, from any and all injuries or damage for any claims or causes of action whatsoever for any loss or injury suffered by the participant, even if arising from their own negligence. I, hereby release G.O.L.F. 3:16 from any financial responsibility because of sickness of the student while going to, returning from, or attending G.O.L.F. 3:16 classes and events or because of any accident in which the student is injured.

To ensure prompt attention in case of sickness or accident, I hereby authorize the person or persons in charge of said class or event to incur expense considered necessary for treatment, and I agree to pay for the expense if this is in excess of the amount paid by any accident or health insurance policy that may be in effect at the time of the sickness or accident. In the event that physicians, other persons name on this form, or parents cannot be contacted, the program officials are authorized to take whatever action is considered necessary, in their judgment, for the health of my child.

In consideration for the participant’s participation in programs of G.O.L.F. 3:16, I grant to G.O.L.F. 3:16 & and/or its assigns, the right to utilize and authorize others to utilize, any work or other materials produced by me, and/or any recordings and/or photographs in which I may appear, for print publication, broadcast, internet, and in any other manner now or hereafter created and media world wide. I agree that any such work, materials, recordings and/or photographs of my participation in this program may be edited for use in G.O.L.F. 3:16 sole discretion. I consent to the use of my name, likeness, work product, and voice for program publicity and related institutional promotional purposes. I am fully aware that I will not receive monetary compensation for my child’s participation. I expressly release G.O.L.F. 3:16 and its agents, employees, licensees and assigns from any and all claims that I have or may have arising out of my participation in an program, any use of any work or other materials produced by me, or the use of any photographs and/or recording.

This is to certify that I have read and fully understand the foregoing.

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